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Once A Chinese Company Has Been Incorporated, What Are The Post Incorporation Issues I Need to Consider Before I Can Start My Company Business Activities?
Date: 2016/9/4 22:00:55 Views:

After your Chinese company has been setup, you may need to finish the following if applicable: 
1. Open bank accounts.
2. Apply for tax account.
3. If your business requires one or more licenses, you may need to obtain the relevant licenses first before you can commence your business activities, such as an import and export license.
4. If you plan to hire any foreign employees, including yourself, your company will need to apply for Work Permit and Residence Permit; If you plan to hire Chinese employees, you will have to consider “social insurance+housing fund” for them.
5. You will need to keep track of your income and expenses (bookkeeping) according to Chinese accounting standards.