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Accounting& Taxation
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We will not only help you with starting up in China, but offer services you need during operation of your business. We shall take care of accounting, taxation, payroll matters, and all others that are related to government offices so that you will be able to focus on your key business operations.

We have financing experienced senior accountants, tax accountants who are familiar with tax laws and reasonable tax avoidance. We will assign an exclusive accountant as the single contact point for you according to enterprises types and scales.

Service Items
1. Review original documents
2. Filing in accounting voucher 
3. Enter data into accounting book (including general leger,sencondary leger, cash journal and bank journal.)
4. Make accounting statements (including balance sheet, profit statement,cash flow statement, subject balance sheets, etc. ) 
5. Declare taxation (including VAT, business tax,personal income tax, enterprise income tax, etc.)
6. Binding vouchers (vouchers including: original vouchers and accounting vouchers, and all statements)
7. Provide the financial and taxation schemes and avoiding tax in a reasonabl way.
8. Deliver and share new financial and tax policies
9. Professional finance and tax consulting
◆ 10.Annual Report  
◆ 11.Final settlement of all income taxes

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