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Accounting& Taxation
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Our company has accountants and tax experts with rich financial experience, who are proficient in the accounting treatment of small-scale taxpayers, general taxpayers, Import & Export enterprises, domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, and are familiar with tax laws and regulations. Our company will assign exclusive accountants to connect with the enterprise according to the type and scale of it, so that customers can understand the financial status of the enterprise in time.

Service items we provide for basic accounting services:

1.Provide consulting about tax policies;

2.Sort out the original bills and fapiaos from the enterprise;

3.Make statements according to the bills and fapiaos from the enterprise;

4.Make monthly tax returns (VAT, company income tax, personal income tax);

5.Bind the account books;

6.Keep and hand over the account books to the enterprise in time;

7.Pass on new tax policies;

8.Submit annual AIC report;

9.Submit annual tax report;

10.Submit annual Joint Inspection of Foreign-Invested Enterprises;

11. Apply for fapiao, and guide for issuing fapiao.

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