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Indian Worker Makes Jinqiao His Second Home
Date: 2016/11/2 16:44:39 Views:

Jinqiao area in Pudong has a large international community that appeals to Shanghai expats. Pathak Maheshwar, a 35-year-old Indian man, has lived there for eight years and regards Jinqiao his second home.

Maheshwar is an employee of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell. He came in the year when Beijing hosted the Olympic Games and Shanghai was preparing for World Expo 2010.

He rented an apartment in Biyun International Community because his office is in Jinqiao. Maheshwar graduated from an American university and worked in Tokyo and Hong Kong before coming to Shanghai. He found Jinqiao is very convenient and international for a foreigner.

After years of living here, Maheshwar can speak Shanghai dialect and likes to bargain with street vendors. He spoke highly of the DIGS store in the free trade zone where he can buy imported food products at cheaper prices compared with other supermarkets.

He likes Jinqiao also for its many cafés, restaurants, sports facilities and hospitals. But he thinks improvement should be made to ease traffic jams, build more roads, and provide more public bikes.



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