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Partner of Alibaba Yidatong
Date: 2016/9/4 22:15:52 Views:

Shanghai Zhishuo has become a partner of Alibaba Yipaidang in April 2016, after successfully becoming a financial service provider in March 2015. We are committed to forming a strong professional team to offer one stop foreign trade integrated services for import and export companies. With ten years financial accounting and foreign trade experience, under the help of Alibaba Foreign Trade Platform, we will provide not only basic Yidatong services (as described in following NOTE), but company registration, company modification, applying for import and export licenses, other approval qualifications, financial accounting, opening offshore bank accounts plus helping solve all possible issues occurring in various links of foreign trade for small-medium enterprises. 

NOTE: Shenzhen Yidatong Enterprise Service Co.,Ltd, owned by Alibaba, is an integrated foreign trade service platform, and also the pioneer and leader in this area. It is not the same as traditional import and export agencies which offer basic exporting, custom clearance and tax return services. It also provides tailored financial services. In order to serve all kinds of clients with personal and very local traits, Yidatong are recruiting members as Yipaidang.